The Association for Directors of Centers and Institutes of Oncology and Radiology of the CIS and Eurasian Countries (ADIOR of the CIS and Eurasia) was established on the initiative of Trapeznikov N.N., the famous oncologist and academician of the RAS and RAMS, when in the former Soviet republics it was required to restore the previously well-operating system for coordinating scientific research, training professional personnel, exchanging scientific information in the field of diagnostics and development of methods for treating oncology patients, organizing cancer control and preventing malignant neoplasms.

The structure of the established Association included heads of centers and institutes of oncology, radiology and roentgenology of twelve members of the Commonwealth of Independent States. The work of the Association was started at the first congress in Moscow in 1996.

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CARO 2020 expert platform for Central Asian oncologists

Today, the Central Asian Oncology Congress CARO-2020 is being held - the successor to the Central Asian Radio-Oncological Congress 2018 and 2019 in Tashkent. The event was organized by Uzbekistan, Austria and Russia. This year's CARO 2020 motto is “Basic and Clinical Research, Patient Orientation and Digitalization - the Four Pillars of Progress in Oncology”. CARO 2020 is positioned as a platform for communication between medical workers of Central Asia and foreign specialists, exchange of the latest achievements in clinical practice, scientific research and medical technologies. Given the limitations of the Covid-19 pandemic, the event…

ADIOR congratulates the anniversaries

2020 became a jubilee year for a whole cohort of oncological services in ADIOR member countries. On October 8-9, a solemn conference dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Institute of Oncology of Moldova was held online. The meeting was opened by the Minister of Health and Social Protection of the Republic of Moldova Viaritsa Dumbravenu, President of ADIOR, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Andrei Caprin, Director of IARC Elizabeth Vanderpass and other officials. - Cancer knows no boundaries, - said Academician Kaprin in his welcoming speech, - and for many years, hand in hand with our foreign colleagues, we have been resisting…

Third International Forum of Oncology and Radiology

From 21 to 25 September 2020, the Third International Forum on Oncology and Radiology will be held in Moscow with the support of the Ministry of Health of Russia. The event will be held online for the first time.  This solution makes it possible to gather on one site thousands of specialists from all over the world, regardless of any obstacles and despite the current conditions. There are no closed borders for the exchange of vital knowledge! The forum is intended to unite the efforts of healthcare organizers, oncologists, the medical community and representatives of other specialties and professions involved in the diagnosis and treatment…

Cancer rehabilitation. Current trends and prospects

An important scientific event in the field of oncology is the Scientific and Practical Conference of ADIOR of the CIS and Eurasia “Cancer Rehabilitation. Modern Trends and Prospects ”took place on August 20, 2020 in Moscow. The conference was held in an up-to-date online format, which allowed delegates to take part in the event from anywhere in the world. The event was attended by 623 people from 12 countries, including: Algeria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Israel, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine. The program included presentations by 79 international speakers from Russia and the CIS countries on various and…

Members of ADYAR signed a Memorandum

August 11, 2020 both in Moscow and in Tashkent in format of video conference was signed the Memorandum of cooperation between the fgbi "SMRC radiology" of Ministry of health of Russia and the Tashkent state dental Institute of the Ministry of health of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The Memorandum envisages implementation of joint educational programs of residency training in Oncology at two institutions. Graduates will receive Russian and Uzbek diplomas oncologists. The second document concerns the development of relations between the two countries in the framework of the Association of Directors of Oncology and radiology centers in the CIS…

June 19, 2020, a solemn scientific Council dedicated to the celebration of the Day of medical worker.

For the first time this professional holiday was held in format of teleconference, which was attended by members of three branches – the Moscow Oncology research Institute named after P. A. Herzen, Institute of urology and interventional radiology named after N. And. Lopatkina and MRRC name A. F. Tsyb. General Director of "SMRC radiology" of Ministry of health of Russia Andrei Dmitrievich Kaprin thanked the Center staff for their daily work, professionalism, loyalty and dedication. A special word of gratitude and support were addressed to the colleagues who worked and are working today in the "red zone" - the infectious diseases unit redeveloped…

Congratulations to academician Andrei Kaprina with the Victory day!

Dear friends, comrades, colleagues and, of course, our dear veterans – the Defenders of the Fatherland! I heartily congratulate You with Victory day! 75 years ago ended the Great Patriotic war. Not a war that spared no one family -- a War that claimed the lives of more than 26 million of our fellow citizens... the War, which brought untold hardship, suffering, sorrow, sacrifice and loss. Many of our great teachers, our senior colleagues - the staff of the Moscow research oncological Institute named after Gertsen from the first day of the outbreak of hostilities was called to war, and many went to the front as volunteers. They were…

May 8 will be held a solemn meeting of the academic Council, devoted to the Victory Day

May 8, 2020 at 10: 00 in the fgbi "SMRC radiology" of Ministry of health of Russia held a solemn scientific Council in a videoconference, devoted to the 75th anniversary of the great Victory. Many of our great teachers, our senior colleagues from the first day of the outbreak of hostilities was called to war and went to the front as volunteers. They were in the thick of the war, they dug trenches, fought on all fronts of the Soviet Army, carried the wounded off the field ill, day and night operated under the roar of bullets and shells, saving the soldiers and commanders to bring them back in line. They were awarded high state decorations, orders…

Oncological service of Russia celebrates 75th anniversary

30 April 2020 oncological service of Russia and many countries of the former Soviet Union marks the memorable date – the 75th anniversary of the release of the legendary the decision of Sovnarkoma of the USSR from April 30, 1945. This is a difficult time of war was decided on the establishment of cancer services in that framework which have become a powerful framework for all services in the former Soviet Union, and we are many still. The authors of the Resolution, academicians B. V. Petrovsky and A. I. Sawicki, who took over the Management of the cancer institutions and has become the main oncologist of the country and Director of the Institute…

Vladimir Putin congratulated the participants of the XI Congress of oncologists and radiologists of CIS and Eurasia

23 APR 2020 was held a solemn opening ceremony of the XI Congress of the Association of Directors of Oncology and radiology (ADIR) of the CIS and Eurasia, which attracted a record number of participants. Stream in the format of an online conference conducted from the presidential hall of the International multimedia press center MIA "Russia today". The Congress is supported by the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of health of the Republic of Tatarstan, Association of Oncologists of Russia. This year participation in the event takes 6 700 delegates from 19 countries. Business and scientific program of the Congress gathered…