XII Congress of Oncologists and Radiologists of the CIS and Eurasia N.N. Trapeznikov, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of ADIOR
Date: 07 - 09.04.2021 y.
Place: Moscow
Contemporary aspects of melanoma diagnosis and treatment
Date: 18 - 18.02.2021 y.
Scientific-practical conference "ECOREALITY. Current TRENDS and PERSPECTIVES"
Date: 17 - 17.05.2020 y.
Place: SCC "Renaissance Monarch" Moscow, Leningradsky Prospekt, 31A Building 1.
XV scientific-practical conference "Actual problems of prevention, screening and cancer registry of malignant neoplasms"
Date: 09 - 10.11.2018 y.
Place: Ferghana, Uzbekistan

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World Congress against cancer (World Cancer Congress) 2018
Date: 01 - 04.10.2018 y.
Place: Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)