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Janssen was founded in 1953 by the distinguished scientist Dr. Paul Janssen, who was involved in the development of 80 drugs in the fields of pain relief, psychiatry, infectious diseases and gastroenterology, 4 of which are still on the WHO list of essential drugs. In 1961, Janssen became part of Johnson & Johnson, the world's largest developer and manufacturer of healthcare products. Since its inception, about 180 pharmaceutical substances have been developed, many of which have become breakthroughs in their therapeutic fields.

Since 1991, Janssen has been operating throughout Russia, providing innovative solutions for the treatment of socially significant diseases.

Janssen's activities in Russia are concentrated in such areas as:

oncohematology, infectious diseases (HIV), diseases of the central nervous system (multiple sclerosis), oncology, immune-mediated diseases, diseases of the circulatory system and metabolic disorders, psychiatry, and gastroenterology.

Striving to be a reliable partner for the Russian healthcare system, Janssen has identified the following strategic areas of work:

  1. Development of innovations in the healthcare sector
  2. Transfer of know-how, knowledge and competencies to Russian partners
  3. Support for patients and the local community
    In each of the areas of strategic work, the company has been demonstrating significant results for several years.
  4. Contact information:

    Janssen, pharmaceuticals division of Johnson & Johnson LLC, 121614, Moscow, Krylatskaya st., 17, building 3, +7-495-755-83-57, www.jnj.ru