The world summit of leaders of Oncology 2019

World leaders in Oncology 2019

From 15 to 17 October 2019 Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan) hosted the world Summit of leaders in Oncology (World Cancer Leaders’ Summit – 2019). In its work took part more than 350 delegates from 80 countries of the world: politicians, health Ministers, Cabinet members, first lady of countries, members of Royal families, leading experts in health, science, representatives of non-profit organizations and the private sector. Participation in the Summit was attended by President ADIOR CIS and EA academician Andrey Kaprin and Executive Director of ADYAR CIS and EA, Professor Elena Filonenko.
The Summit organizers are the international Union control cancer (UICC, full member of which is ADIOR CIS and EA) in partnership with the world Health Organization (who), International atomic energy Agency (IAEA) and the International Agency for research on cancer (IARC).
World leaders in Oncology is the largest annual political high-level meeting on strengthening the global control of cancer. The key purpose of this event is discussion of problems of prevalence of malignant neoplasms, raising awareness about cancer, exchange innovative solutions and to develop a global response to fight against cancer. This year's Summit focused on "Cancer and universal health coverage" in the course of his work addressed the issues of the relationship between sustainable and focused on human health systems, and effective prevention and combating NCDS, ensuring equality in access to cancer care and priority setting for universal health coverage.
In the discussions of the Summit, the leaders came to common opinion that the most common factors influencing the development of cancer worldwide, remain harmful habits: Smoking, alcohol consumption and poor diet. Experts stressed thave archival that the driving force in the struggle against cancer is political will and the willingness of leaders to further invest in a solution to this problem.
According to experts, today in 81% of countries have a plan for the fight against cancer. During the discussions it was also asserted that preventive measures aimed at preventing the development of cancer and early detection, are at the head of the key measures to combat malignant neoplasms (EIT). "Let's act now" - such appeals were made in the course of discussions, reports and presentations of the leaders Summit.
With special message to all the participants of the summit appealed to the President of the International Cancer Union (UICC), Her Royal Highness Princess Dina of Jordan Mired. She drew delegates ' attention to the fact that in a world still countries that do not pay enough attention to the problem of cancer, though cancer is the second largest of death worldwide after cardiovascular diseases. According to Her Royal Highness, the judgment of leaders that the fight against EIT complex and expensive the problem is incorrect. Princess of Jordan stressed that the UICC takes all measures in order to reverse this point of view. "We're proving that by investing only 1.7 dollars a year per person on prevention and early detection of ZNO, the country can save up to $ 350 billion on the treatment of cancer by 2030," she said.
Her Royal Highness announced several key approaches which should underpin the implementation of the programme for universal access to health care. They include: professional assessment of the current health care system and its funding, the need to strengthen the primary health care system, the creation of a separate command in the management structure, focused on the long term, attracting "smart" investment by reducing neefeffective costs, the introduction of higher taxes on tobacco, alcohol, as main factors in the development of the NDA.
A continuation of the work of the summit was the holding of the VII Congress of oncologists and radiologists of Kazakhstan, which takes place on 17 and 18 October 2019 Nur-Sultan. Participation in the Congress is attended by practitioners, researchers, teachers of medical universities and health leaders near and far abroad. In the official opening of the Congress was attended by the Minister of health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Yelzhan Birtanov, President of the International cancer Union (UICC), Her Royal Highness Princess Dina of Jordan Mired, first lady of Burkina Faso kaboré Adjovi sica, chief oncologist of the health Ministry of Russia, General Director of "SMRC radiology" of Ministry of health of Russia, academician of RAS Andrey Kaprin and Director of Kazakh research Institute of Oncology and radiology, chief oncologist of MoH of the Republic of Kazakhstan Dilyara Kaidarova.
During his speech, Andrey Kaprin stressed the importance of developing cooperation at the international level in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of ZNO. In addition, the main non-staff oncologist, presiding over the section "Organization of cancer care", delivered a report on "the Organization of oncological service in Russia. Key objectives", which stressed that the fight against cancer is a national priority program in social policy of Russia. According to him, the key objective of the programme is to reduce mortality from the HEAT to 185 cases per 100 thousand population. Priorities of cancer service is to improve the early diagnostics TESTING, information, routing of patients and providing patients with sufficient medical preparations.
Andrey Kaprin marked reference points Oncology services, such as training of qualified personnel, increasing quality of care and technical re-equipment. Academician also spoke about the three-tier system of cancer care, which aims to ensure equal and comprehensive access of cancer patients to effective and high-tech specialized medical care. "The organization of a network of Centers outpatient cancer care, which by 2024 will be built more than 500 across the country, the development of digital technologies will allow us to make specialized health services more accessible and helps to plan the provision of timely assistance in all areas of the Russian Federation", - said the academician.
In conclusion, Andrey Kaprin invited to take part in the XI Congress of oncologists and radiologists of CIS and EA, which will be held in Kazan from 23 to 25 April 2020, under the auspices of ADIOR CIS and Eurasia.

The press service of the fgbi "SMRC radiology" of Ministry of health of Russia