The results 2019 the fgbi "SMRC radiology" of Ministry of health of Russia

Fsbi "SMRC radiology" of Ministry of health of Russia – Russia's first scientific medical cluster in the field of Oncology, radiology and urology. Today in the Center of three branches: the Moscow scientific research oncological Institute named after P. A. Hertzen, Medical radiological scientific center named after A. F. Tsyb, research Institute of urology and interventional radiology named after N. And. Lopatkina.

By the merger of three leading Russian research institutes in front of the fgbi "SMRC radiology" of Ministry of health of Russia set the task to become one of the world leaders in nuclear medicine.

The status of a national Center has greatly expanded opportunities for patients to get all aspects of modern high-tech medical care: from surgery with the use of photodynamic therapy and chemotherapy to intraoperative radiation therapy and radiosurgery. Every year, the Center launched the new techniques and technologies to treat patients.

In 2019 on the basis of the MRRC them. A. F. Tsyb, a branch of the fgbi "SMRC radiology" of Ministry of health of Russia, was Russia's first operation to radioembolization of liver of domestic radio sources. The application of this highly effective method helps to stop the growth of the tumor in almost 90% of patients and increases the life expectancy of 4-5 times compared with other standard methods of treatment. For fgbu "SMRC radiology" of Ministry of health of Russia it became one of the strategic directions in the framework of the development of modern oncological care in Russia.

In November 2019, on the basis of the MRRC them. A. F. Tsyb, a branch of the fgbi "SMRC radiology" of Ministry of health of Russia with the participation of experts from Israel, Germany and the United States in accordance with international Protocol conducted world's first surgery for breast brachytherapy in advanced cancer using alpha particles that have the ability not only to destroy the tumor, but also stimulate the process of strengthening of immunity, which starts to fight metastases.

In 2019 NII fromrologie and interventional radiology named after N. And. Lopatkina – branch fgbu "SMRC radiology" of Ministry of health of Russia celebrated its 40th anniversary. Largely due to the efforts of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation and personally Minister V. I. Skvortsova, in the center was put into operation a modern laboratory, equipped with equipment of last generation clinical diagnostic and molecular genetic studies, MRI and the Department of urodynamics, which has no analogues in Europe, a new Department with 50 beds, children's ward, intensive care and operating new state of the art and very importantly, launched the updated center hemodialysis with a connection 20 artificial kidneys, allowing 2000 procedures per month.

The centre has a high scientific potential. Within its walls brought up a whole pleiad of scientists who are engaged in fundamental developments and their application in practice, the creation of new anticancer drugs in the treatment of cancer, experimental studies and clinical trials of the latest drugs. So, in 2019, with the development of additive technologies in the fgbi "SMRC radiology" of Ministry of healthcare was purchased and installed modern 3D bio-printer for printing and culturing three-dimensional cell structures. At the moment the tests are conducted.

10 Dec in mnioi. P. A. Herzen, the branch of the fgbi "SMRC radiology" of Ministry of health of Russia, in cooperation with the laboratory "3D Bioprinting Solyushen" (company Invitro) was completed pre-clinical trials for skin regeneration experimental rats by the method of 3D bioprinting of a robotic arm (KUKA, Germany) directly in the operating room. A cleansing gel developed by the scientists of the Institute Gercena from a patient's own cells, which eliminates the problem of rejection of the implant.

The center actively cooperates with the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) and other Russian and foreign research institutions, corporations, nauchno-proizvodstgovernmental unions. Only in 2019 fsbi "SMRC radiology" of Ministry of health of Russia was signed 14 cooperation agreements and the development of scientific and clinical potential. Particularly noteworthy is the signing in September 2019 Russian-Japanese Memorandum on creation of Russia's first center for ion therapy. Center of cancer treatment with heavy ions of carbon will be built in Obninsk.

In 2019, the launch of a new international project on telemedicine together with the leading medical centers of Tokyo and Osaka (Japan). It is based on the creation of telepathological platform at the Center, through which will be carried out the telemedicine consultations in the format "second opinion", the exchange of scientific data, conducted the joint study.

In June 2019, an agreement was signed on cooperation between Russia and the Republic of Bulgaria in the field of treating patients from the Republic of Belarus with the use of proton therapy, which opens a new page in the implementation of the national program on medical tourism.

Another significant event was the signing of the Russian-Kazakh agreement on conducting teleconsultations of stekloprokata and the provision of "second opinion" specialists of the Center.

In September, 2019 in the framework of the Second international forum on Oncology and radiology, an agreement was signed with a member of the Association of Directors of oncological and radiologic institutes of the CIS countries and Eurasia (ADYAR) - Uzbek center of Oncology, and national cancer Institute of Serbia on cooperation in the field of education and exchange of experience in the development of diagnostics and treatment of oncological diseases.

In 2019, on the initiative of the Center hosted the First international conference on rare tumors, brought together on one platform more than 800 Russian and foreign experts to discuss modern scientific advances, the latest medical practices and technologies in the diagnosis and treatment of orphan sof deseases and to develop effective solutions and recommendations for relevant professionals, including primary care in effective diagnosis and treatment of this disease.

In November 2019 in Berlin took place on an unprecedented significance of the event, the Russian-German session "Nuclear medicine - the alchemy of modern Oncology," which has together the world's leading experts. Noteworthy is the fact that Russian scientists have initiated such an event in the framework of the Berlin science week, presenting their own developments and technologies in the field of nuclear medicine.

At the initiative of the Centre and with the support of the Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Russian Ministry of health, Association of oncologists of Russia in 2019 was launched on an unprecedented scale all-Russian educational project "Ecopatrol". The project aims to promote healthy lifestyles and the formation of cancer alertness of the citizens of the Russian Federation. The uniqueness of the project lies in the fact that, Oncology specialists of the fgbi "SMRC radiology" of Ministry of health of Russia together with the regional oncologic dispensary conduct a screening program of men's and women's health at the largest city-forming enterprises in the Russian Federation. Employees "to" or "after" working shifts have the ability to check their health. At this point in the project involved 7 subjects of the Russian Federation: Moscow, Yaroslavl, Moscow, Voronezh, Kursk, Samara region and Republic of Bashkortostan. Viewed by 1878 people and identified 16 cancer cases from 124 people revealed pathology of various localizations.

The press service of the fgbi "SMRC radiology" of Ministry of health of Russia