Oncology dictation among medical students took place in Russia

The Association of Oncologists of Russia (AOR) together with the Federal State Budgetary Institution “NMITs of Radiology” of the Ministry of Health of Russia, the Sechenov University, with the support of the Ministry of Health of Russia, at the end of March 2021 held the All-Russian Oncological Dictation.

44 690 students from 185 educational institutions of higher education decided to test their knowledge. The objectives of the project were to popularize the basic knowledge of students about cancer alertness and oncological diseases and to strengthen the motivation to maintain and strengthen their health.

In addition, the organizers of the oncological dictation planned to obtain objective information about the level of oncological literacy of students. The task consisted of 55 test questions from 9 sections of oncology, the answers to which had to be given within 60 minutes.

The average score of the dictation participants was 61 points out of 100 maximum possible, which corresponds to the optimal level of oncological literacy.

Graduate (sixth) year students enrolled in educational programs of higher education in the specialties "General Medicine" and "Pediatrics" demonstrated the highest level of cancer alertness - the average result was 72 points.

After the completion of the dictation, electronic certificates of the participant and a booklet with modern recommendations for examination (prophylactic medical examination), prepared by the Center - FSBI "NMITs of Radiology" of the Ministry of Health of Russia, became available to all project participants in their personal accounts.

The correct answers to the Dictation tasks will be published on the Internet portal on April 24, 2021.

At present, the commission is summing up the results and determining the best 30 participants who will be invited for internships at leading clinical and scientific-practical centers of oncological profile.

But that is not all! There are plans to hold the All-Russian Oncological Dictation for our population, which we will tell about in our information materials.

Press service of the Federal State Budgetary Institution "National Medical Research Center of Radiology" of the Ministry of Health of Russia