The Nutricia brand has a history of 120 years. Based in the Netherlands, in the city of Zutermeer, the company initially specialized in the production of laboratory-synthesized infant formula, and is a recognized expert in the field of nutrition for newborns. In 1905 Nutricia developed nutritional specialties such as low sugar milk for diabetics and fortified iodine for thyroid sufferers, making it a pioneer in specialized nutrition.

Subsequently, Nutricia focused more and more on the production of products that have been proven to be effective in scientific research. In 1946, the first patented research department was opened in the company's laboratories. And in 1950 nutritionists were invited to the company. From that moment on, the history of Nutricia began to develop rapidly.

Scientific advances in the 1960s led to the development of clinical nutrition products and the release of NUTRI 2000, a complete, balanced product for people with chronic diseases and severe nutritional disorders.

In the 1990s, Nutricia expanded production with the purchase of SHS International (UK) and Milupa (Germany) factories, thereby raising its professional level in areas such as congenital metabolic disorders and allergy to cow's milk proteins. Together with the British baby food brand Cow & Gate, these businesses have been merged into the Numico concern. In 2007, the Danone Group acquired Numico.

Nutricia came to Russia in 1994. Initially, the company specialized in the production of infant formula. Later, in 1998, Nutricia for the first time presented on the Russian market a specialized product for enteral nutrition - Nutrison® dry mix. In 2001, for the first time in Russia, ready-to-eat liquid enteral nutrition products appeared, both for tube use (Nutrison®) and for oral use (Nutridrink®). Also, the launch of Neocate®, a specialized food for patients with hereditary metabolic diseases and a specialized food for children allergic to cow's milk proteins, took place. In 2004, an independent clinical nutrition unit was created to promote enteral and metabolic products.

Since 2007, Nutricia's research team has teamed up with Danone's research unit, one of the largest in the world, with over 200 nutritionists, molecular biologists and chemists. The challenge for Nutricia scientists around the world is to continually research, develop and innovate to improve nutritional specialties. On December 28, 2011, a separate company, Nutricia Advance LLC, was established in Russia, which is developing a direction - specialized clinical nutrition. Today Nutricia is a leader in its field and works in several key areas of medicine: phenylketonuria and rare metabolic diseases, intensive care, oncology, pediatrics, allergology and others.

Nutricia company implements a number of socially oriented projects aimed at improving the quality of life and health of people.

So, in October 2017, Nutricia Advanced Medical Nutrition Company introduced a new program aimed at effective rehabilitation of patients after serious illnesses such as stroke or cancer, improving the quality of life, reducing the risk of repeated hospitalizations and possible complications. To implement this program, methods were developed to create a group of patronage workers, the creation and distribution of special methodological manuals and recommendations for the care and feeding of patients with disabilities, the creation of a school for their care and feeding, etc.
At the same time, a new stage of the joint educational program of the company was launched Nutricia and the Right to Miracle Charitable Foundation for Premature Babies, addressed to parents of premature babies - Patient's School.
In 2018, together with the non-profit organization of cancer patients "Hello", Nutricia presented a full-scale information and educational project aimed at informing the population about the importance of providing nutritional care to cancer patients - "Specialized Nutrition. There is strength. " The project is still ongoing.

 Customer care has always been and remains the company's top priority.