On the Eurasian Oncology journal

"Eurasian Oncological Journal" is the official printed organ of the Association of Directors of Centers and Institutes of Oncology and X-ray Radiology of the CIS and Eurasia countries, assists in the formation of a single information space, and also serves as a platform for the exchange of experience between oncologists from different countries, contributing to the development of medical science in general ...

Covers topical theoretical, methodological and practical problems of oncology, publishes analytical materials, original research, reviews on methods of diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

The ideological orientation of the publication is determined by the joint work of the editorial board and national editorial boards.

The publication is a source of fundamental and clinical knowledge. The overwhelming majority of oncologists from the CIS and Eurasia countries choose the "Eurasian Oncological Journal" to publish their dissertations.

“In many countries, the fight against cancer has become the top priority of medicine and has the status of national programs. That is why it is more important for us than ever to combine our scientific achievements and knowledge, practical experience to solve urgent problems of the development of oncological services. Their successful solution depends not only on the health of citizens, but also on the development, stability and well-being of our states ", - Editor-in-Chief, President of ADIOR CIS and EA, Chief Freelance Oncologist of the Ministry of Health of Russia, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Andrey Dmitrievich Kaprin

No. 4 2022